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Whisker Watchers® is a premium pet sitting service headquartered in Prescott, AZ with a strong presence in Yavapai County as well as areas of Austin, Texas Hill Country.

With an unwavering commitment to providing top-tier care for beloved pets, Whisker Watchers was opened by Sharry and Brad Borja in fall of 2021. Our pet sitters are known for their superior standards and impeccable service history, regularly performing over 2,000 in-home visits annually in the Prescott area alone.

We have perfected our scheduling, reminders, and check-in system to guarantee that NO pet sitting visit is missed or forgotten.

We employ a pet sitter monitoring system that allows clients to view their pet’s visit completion in real-time. Our small team of screened pet sitters serve Prescott, Prescott Valley, and Williamson Valley 365 days a year.

Our goal is to continue to exemplify the pinnacle of professionalism and dedication when it comes to pet care. We hope that our extensive experience in the hospitality and pet industry is mirrored in the 100% service success rate that we have proudly achieved and continue to maintain as we welcome new clients.

At Whisker Watchers, it is our aim to nurture both four-legged companions and the lasting relationships that we forge with discerning pet parents. When you hire any of our pet sitters, you can expect a truly exceptional experience, personalized attention, and a genuine affection for your animals.

Top 5 Most Asked Questions

Our services are best for people who will be gone for a few days to a few weeks at a time. Example:

  • Holidays
  • Vacations
  • Weddings
  • Graduations
  • Family Reunions
  • Business Trips

Some of our clients are gone for a month or more at a time! We have also found that our services work especially well for people who are new to the Prescott/Prescott Valley area, since they don’t know anyone but need a reliable pet sitter that they can trust while they’re away.

Our services are NOT a good fit if:

  • you need someone to let your pet out for a potty break while you’re at work
  • you’ll only be gone for a few hours
  • you’ll only be gone for a day or two
  • routine dog walker (daily basis)

Due to the high demand for our services and the volume of requests we receive, we usually only perform drop-in visits at your home. We do not currently offer boarding in our sitter’s homes.

In special cases, we may be able to offer overnight pet sitting requests at your home however, this is rare and a special rate applies.

We don’t currently offer 24-hour sitting as all of our pet sitters have pet sits throughout the day to perform. In special instances, we can discuss this on a case-by-case basis. Whisker Watchers is also insured for house sitting.

We do not currently offer boarding services as there are oftentimes limits to certain types of pets in households, special licensing, and additional insurance that is required.

Yes. All of our pet sitters are bonded and insured, and undergo thorough screening before being hired by Whisker Watchers. Our vetting process includes finger printing, measuring aptitude, assessing skills, and contacting and cross-checking references.

What are options for pet sitting?

Boarding – Boarding facilities typically book out for months in advance and sometimes they’re just not a good fit for pets. Your pet also isn’t getting the one-on-one time and attentiveness that they need. Throughout their day-to-day experience, they’re constantly dealing with a different handler that they’re unfamiliar with.

Pet Sitter Apps – App-based pet sitting companies lack regulation and a vetting process for their third-party sitters, and these companies don’t cover their pet sitters in the event of injury to your pet, loss, or damage to property.

Friends and Family – By now you’ve probably learned that relying on friends and family can come with its own set of challenges, especially when they have their own life commitments, are unreliable, or are inexperienced in pet care.

What is the best option?

We recognize that our service may not be the best fit for every pet parent. If you are looking to hire a professional, when you come to Whisker Watchers, you’re establishing a relationship with a reputable business that tailors its service to your specific pet in your specific home. This is the most optimal situation as it almost guarantees the best outcomes! Your pet is getting attention and care in a calm setting where they feel most comfortable, safe, and secure. We try to stick to your pet’s routine as closely as possible.

Convenience for pet parents

If you become a client of ours, you’ll get your own secure online client portal and your pet will have their own profile. Upload a photo of your pet and add information such as feeding routine, emergency contacts, home entry codes, etc. You won’t have to write out instructions (but you can if you want!) We have designed our service to be as convenient for pet parents as possible.

Consistent service across the board, no matter the sitter

Have an important update about your pet’s medication routine? Need to update us with instructions on how to use your new alarm system? Add it to your online client portal with ease. This means that you’ll receive consistent service across the board, no matter which of our pet sitters you hire (they’ll all be on the same page!) If your primary sitter isn’t available, you’ll usually have access to a backup sitter that will be familiar with the routine.

We’re not hobbyists

We’re professionals! We’ll cater to your pet’s specific needs in the home. We are a pet care provider operated by seasoned pet care and business professionals. We’ve taken the necessary steps to separate ourselves from hobbyists by demonstrating our knowledge and competency.

Along with our years of experience working in high-volume pet care businesses, we require that all staff become Pet First Aid Certified and we provide thorough training for emergency scenarios. We’ve also established great relationships with local veterinarians in the event of a pet emergency.

Our accountability measures

All sitters are required to utilize our GPS tracking and timestamp system to ensure accountability on the part of our sitters. You receive a report after each visit to your home which logs the following information (report sent to your phone via our mobile app + emailed to you):

  • Pet sitter’s check-in time at your home
  • Pet sitter’s checkout time
  • Pet sitter’s GPS location for full duration of service
  • Timestamp for duration of visit
  • Checklist with items such as “Doors locked upon leaving?”
  • All sent in a report to your phone via our mobile app
  • Report also automatically emailed to you if you have bad cell service
  • Client’s have 24-hour messaging access to their pet sitters through our mobile app

Putting your mind at ease: Bonded & Insured

Most of our clients choose us because they need a competent professional that will focus on their pet’s needs for the entire duration of the visit. The systems and protocols that we implement ensure that we hold ourselves accountable when it comes to serving our pet clients.

As an added bonus, we offer an extra layer of coverage for your pet and property by carrying proper licensing in the form of bonds and insurance. The safety and security of our client’s pets and property are our number one priority. For a simple explanation of what “Bonded and Insured” means for a pet care service, click here.

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Our mission is to offer consistently superior service as Prescott's premier pet sitting provider.

We believe that we need to be the best in the business to earn your confidence! We’ll do our best to ensure that you won’t have second thoughts about trusting us with your pets and home.

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