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Whisker Watchers Service Guarantee

We have perfected our scheduling, reminders, and check-in system to guarantee that NO pet sitting visit is missed or forgotten.


Using our secure online portal, our clients easily request pet sitting services by logging in and building their schedule according to the needs of their pets. This eliminates miscommunication over the phone or email and ensures that the exact schedule requested by the client is booked in our system.

Every single client request is carefully reviewed by Whisker Watchers management and if approved, an email schedule is automatically sent to the client. The schedule shows all services booked on our calendar so that the client can easily see the schedule and be certain that it is correct or they can request a change as needed. Clients can also log in at any time and view all services that they have booked.

Add Services in Whisker Watchers Mobile App


Exactly eight (8) days prior to the start of your service, you will receive an automatic email with an invoice that lists each service for each day, and the cost. This ensures that clients are clear about the service that they booked, and what they can expect to pay.

Exactly seven (7) days prior to departure, our secure payment system will automatically charge the client’s debit or credit card. This is important because as your departure date gets closer, you have a lot on your mind! The last thing you should be worrying about is whether or not you paid the sitter while you’re concerned about everything else. Ensuring that your payment is made in full means that the costs of your visits are covered, and your pets are receiving the best care possible.

Set Reminders in Whisker Watchers Mobile App


Clients have the option to be automatically notified when a sitter starts and ends their pet sitting visit at the client’s home. You will NOT be left to worry if your pet is being visited or not however, the majority of our clients opt out of the event start/stop notification system. The main reason is that they are already notified after every visit with a “Pawgress Report” of their pets, which is delivered by push notification to their phone, by email, and even by text message (optional).

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In addition to this, Whisker Watchers sitters send a checklist of all completed tasks (including locking and securing the home) that are viewable by the client and Whisker Watchers management, to ensure that our sitters are held double-accountable.

Our clients can log in to our easy-to-use app or check their email at any time and see that visits were completed as well as view notes and photos from their sitter. Additionally, Whisker Watchers management monitors the schedule every day to ensure that every visit is marked complete.

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New Sitters

ALL Whisker Watchers pet sitters check in upon arrival and check out at departure via our mobile app. Our system records the GPS location of the sitter as well as the check-in/out time, and even the length of time that the sitter was present on your property. This is a requirement of all new pet sitters joining Whisker Watchers.

View Pet Sitter GPS Location Log in Whisker Watchers Mobile App

Total Peace of Mind

What does this all add up to? Total peace of mind for you and Whisker Watchers management. Everyone can rest assured that every pet is visited as scheduled!

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