Whisker Watchers

Home Entry Policies


LOCK BOX: We recommend all clients provide a lock box on your property with two tested keys as your primary means of entry. We recommend that you place your lock box at a side or back entry or other area that is not visible from the street. It is the clients responsibility to keep the online profile updated with the lock box code and location and to make sure the two tested keys are in the lockbox for all services. Please make sure lockbox can be safely accessed during snowy/icy weather. Do not give your lock box information to anyone other than providing it in your Whisker Watchers secure online profile. Please have your lock box and keys ready for testing at your new client meeting. If you choose not to use a Lock Box in favor of a coded entry door, please be aware this at your own risk and responsibility. If your coded entry does not work due to either a dead battery or worn out lock we will be unable to complete your pet visit.

We recommend one of the following lock boxes:

Lock Box 1:
Vault Locks 3200

Lock Box 2:
Master Lock 5406D

ALTERNATIVE PRIMARY ENTRY: If you do not wish to provide a lock box we can collect and test two keys at your new client meeting that will be kept in our office for as long as you remain a client. Please be aware that we must have your keys in our possession before we can book any services for you. Also, we may not be able to accommodate service request submitted with less than a full two weeks notice if keys in our possession are required for entry. If you need your keys returned to you at anytime, you can schedule a free appointment to meet with us to pick up your keys. If you need to provide new keys to us at anytime you can schedule a free appointment to meet with us to drop off your keys.

SECONDARY ENTRY: All clients must provide a secondary entry method. This should be an on-site entry method such as a coded entry and/or a hidden key on your property that can be easily accessed during snowy/icy weather. If you wish, we can retain keys in our office as an emergency back up but please be aware that if we cannot gain entry with on-site methods it may take 1-2 business days for us to retrieve your keys from our office and get to your home. Please have a trusted friend or neighbor listed in your online profile that can gain access to your home to check on your pets in an emergency.

If you have any questions, please give us a call at 928-910-5689 and we will be happy to review our key procedures with you in detail.